Camgrounds and RV Parks:

Please fill out a registration form and email it or fax it @ (360) 274-5390

To become a member of Tents for Troops, you only have to commit 2 RV/camp sites to the program and allow any active military to use one of the sites for a minimum of two nights. "Two sites, two nights." Please note that all military wishing to stay at your RV park / campground must make prior reservations. You are not required to offer sites during holidays, but you are very welcome to. However, you may not exclude days of the week otherwise. If you wish to dedicate more sites, or additional nights of camping, that is up to your discretion. You choose exactly how much you wish to participate, as long as the minimum of two sites @ two nights is fulfilled. No matter the number of days or sites you wish to contribute, your generosity is vastly appreciated - we promise you that.

You are under no obligation by joining Tents for Troops. There is no contract for required amount of time in the program. If your property decides to no longer participate, please contact us and your listing will be promptly removed from the website. Otherwise, your listing will remain active for this great cause!

Active Military Personnel:

To make use of an RV park / campground that is part of Tents for Troops, you must contact them prior to staying. Make sure a site is available for when you wish to stay, and make a reservation. Upon arrival you must provide proof of active military service, and then you are good for your stay! We'd love to hear about your stay at any Tents for Troops participating campground - Contact us about your stay.