Friends and Supporters TENTS FOR TROOPS

Many Thanks To

Tents for Troops has many people to thank. While we would love to mention absolutely everyone involved, been part of, and who have promoted the program, the list would simply be far too long. We send out our eternal thanks to the following:

First and foremost we want to thank all of our Amazing Parks, without your support there would be no Tents for Troops. We continue to add new Parks all the time and continue to hear from Troops that love the program. Our hat is off to our Parks, We wish you All the Best and sincerely appreciate your concern to support & help our Troops Enjoy Life Away from the Field.

Our great program Ambassadors Brian and C Beamon, Chad Franz, Donald Lamaster, Our web site volunteers Todd Engkraf and Matthew Pagel, and all of those volunteers helping us continue to add more RV Parks and Campgrounds.

Our good friends at the RV Daily Report, Woodall's Campground Management, RV Business, RV Pro, RV E News, Julian Gothard & the Examiner, we truly appreciate all of your help in keeping your readers up to date on T4T. We owe you all a huge round of applause and many many Parks have joined T4T as a direct result of your articles!!

Our Board of Directors

  • Gary Timmerman
  • Donna Britt
  • Evanne Schmarder
  • Master Sergeant Forest Brown
  • Jeff Sims
  • Charlie Curry
  • Judge Douglas Goelz; thanks for all of the help on our 501C3!
  • Admiral Kenneth (Pink) Floyd, Commander US Navy Third Fleet (ret) and full time RV'er

Special Thanks