T4T is developing a program that will offer the free use of an RV to any Active Military member & their Family's whom may otherwise have no access to one; this is the T4T loaner program.

Our mission at T4T is simply to make it as easy as possible for our Troops & their family to experience the unique experience that only an RV vacation can bring . We currently have just over 200 participating parks in 40 states participating in the T4T program, with a goal of having 2500 Parks by 2016. Our typical user is a young family in their twenty's to early thirty's with one to three children, followed by single soldiers, then officers.

We need RVs for both direct use in the program by Troops and their family, as well as a funding source for our loaner program; one large RV 40-45 foot for direct use in the program which would serve as the primary transportation, lodging and meeting space for our national tours. We have several tours planned through 2016 in which we plan on visiting over 10,000 RV parks and campgrounds as well as every military base in the Country. In our visits to RV Parks we will be showing these new parks the T4T program and asking them to help us support the Troops by joining us the program. Our military base visits are simply intended to help get the word out to the Troops. We plan to pass out maps of park locations, including a sample RV vacation routing for the area. Your RV could have a second life as the Tents for Troops RV, and would help us spread the word that much quicker!

Tents for Troops also needs RV's of all shapes, sizes and colors to help fund our loaner program. We hope someday to have fleets of RV's located near every major military base in the Country. These RVs would be available to our Troops to use for free - we hope to someday have the funds to allow T4T to pay for their fuel. This program will need over a thousand RV's to meet such a need. For RVs to be used directly in the Tents for Troops loaner program we are looking for fairly late model Class C motorhomes, Class A motorhomes, and Travel Trailers which are in good to excellent condition. If your RV is not something that we can directly utilize in the loaner program we'd still love to make use of it. For RVs which we are unable to use directly in the program, we will sell your RV, making every effort to get top dollar, which can then be used by the T4T program.

Tax benefits in this situation are limited to the actual sales price of your RV. We can arrange drop off locations in most areas of the Country and may be able to pick up the RV as well. If you have not been able to market your RV, are just tired of the hassle, or are otherwise in a position to help please consider supporting the Tents for Troops program. If you donate an RV that Tents for Troops puts directly to use in our program, tax advantages are as much as HIGH RETAIL Book value of your RV. In many cases this value can be more than twice as much as the RV could be sold for in today's market. Although you should contact a CPA if you are considering making a donation to T4T, sizeable tax deductions are available in most cases.

Tents for Troops is a 100% FREE program for all parties involved. No one ever pays a penny, not the Troops who use the program and not the Parks who join the program. We have no paid employees and no overhead costs. Your donation will go directly into the program to be used in providing our Troops with more parks and the use of T4T RVs. T4T is a pay it forward kind of program. We intend to give all parties involved a good feeling for participating, and thank every one involved so very much. Tents for Troops is just one small way that we can say thank you to those who always had our backs.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if our program interests you at all, or if you have any questions.

All the Best,
Tents for Troops