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Have a campground, resort or park you wish to add to the ranks of Tents for Troops? Great! The only requirement is that your park must offer at least two days to those wishing to use your facilities. Please contact Toutle River RV Resort via email or phone with the information below.

Tents for Troops
150 Happy Trails
Castle Rock WA 98611
Phone: (360) 274-7915
Alt: (503) 425-9105
Fax: (360) 274-5390

Information Needed

Park address
Park phone number
Days offered for stay
Tent spaces? Yes / No
RV spaces? Yes / No
-- If yes: Max RV length
Any extra information you may wish to add. For example, does your park have any amenities,
activities or events? Pools, lake/river, hot tubs, bike trails, horse-shoes? Let us know!

Contact for Reasons Other than Joining T4T

  • If you have any suggestions for the organization or webpage
  • You've stayed at a specific park or campground and had a negative experience
Please email our admin at: