Tents for Troops invites all RV parks and campgrounds to offer active military free camping.

     "It is a very small way of saying 'Thank You' for all of the hard work and sacrifices men and women in the military make", said Toutle River RV Resort owner Charlie Curry. "I personally encourage all RV Parks and Campgrounds in America to consider offering free camping for active military!"

To become a member park you need only to donate two sites for two nights. You may black out any special events or festival times but may not exclude weekends other than holiday weekends. Blacking out holiday weekends is allowed. We truly do not believe this will cause any significant impact to your bottom line. The goodwill benefits associated with this gesture far outweigh the revenue lost. To prove that, we would like to point out that currently, the United States has 1.5 million active troops total. This includes all branches of our armed forces (army, navy, marine, air force, coast guard, deployments overseas, and active reserves). Of that number, 20% are currently stationed overseas. This accounts for less than 1/2 of one percent of the entire United States population. Realistically, if of all active troops took advantage of the offer, then approximately 1/4th of one percent of the population could benefit from this offer.

At our resort we have never had more than two campsites occupied by active military personnel at any one time. We have chosen to include all of our sites in this program. However, experience has pointed out that just having two of your sites in the Tents for Troops program is adequate. Additionally, all of those who have used the RV Park for the free military camping have become repeat customers, and they bring paying family members and friends. It's been a win win situation for us all the way around. I truly believe that we can all afford to do this. Please join me and let's support those who fight and die for our freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Campgrounds & RV Parks wishing to become a member:
To become a member of Tents for Troops, you only have to commit 2 RV/camp sites to the program, and allow any active military to use one of the sites for two nights. Think '2 sites, 2 nights'. If you wish to dedicate more sites or additional nights of camping, you may. For example, you may choose to include 10 sites in the program and up to one week of camping. Tents for Troops is based upon availability and you may have black out dates. If your property is full you are under no obligation to provide Tents for Troops sites. You choose exactly how much you want to participate. Perhaps you want every space in the RV Park or campground to be open to active military for a full week! Or you might want to have only two sites open for the program. In any case, however few or many sites you wish to contribute, your generosity will be greatly appreciated, and we promise you that. You are under no obligation. If your property decides to no longer participate, please let us know and your listing will be promptly removed from the website. Otherwise, your listing will remain up until such a time that you notify us of any changes.

This program is intended for Active Military Personnel
Active military will be required to present active military I.D. at the time of check in. The offer is for active military and members of their immediate family only.

Please call the park directly for reservations. Reservations are required. Parks may be full and are not obligated to provide free sites in this case. Please be courteous to our member parks. If you enjoy your stay, consider blogging about it, posting an online review, and telling friends or family members about the program. And remember to tell the staff at the campground that you appreciate your stay! Also let us know at Tents for Troops how you liked your stay, we want to hear how the program is working and may post your comments on this site.

Future Plans
We are currently contacting campgrounds and parks as fast as we can. All additions will be posted and updated on a regular basis. If you have some free time and want to volunteer, you can help us by contacting campgrounds and RV parks in your state and ask them to join! We desperately need volunteers! In 2012 Tents for Troops volunteers will be scouring the country for new parks. We will be attempting to call, mail or personally visit as many parks as possible in hopes of having these parks join or efforts.

Fall Tour: In October 2012 volunteers will hit the highways and are planning to personally visit over 500 parks in 35 states as part of a national recruitment drive.

Commercial Sponsors
While Tents for Troops does not really have a specific programs in place for commercial sponsors we do greatly appreciate your help. Please refer to our "Friends of T4T page" to see a list of companies, corporations and individuals who have offered Tents for Troops their help. If there are any manufacturers, dealers or rental agencies that would like to help out Tents for Troops we really need use of a motorhome for our fall recruitment tour. Please give us a call if you think you can help, gas station owners always welcome too!

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. if you have any of these please tell your friends about Tents for Troops! We really need some help getting the word out to those active members of the military so they can use Tents for Troops!

-- To all the parks that have joined THANK YOU! Without your generous support Tents for Troops would not exist! Also Charlie sends a special thanks to Jenny and Blaise for all their continued support --